In the media

Hourani, G. & S. Turunen (22 March 2019). Saksalaistutkija uskoo Lahden vihreään edelläkävijyyteen – kannustaa asukkaita huolehtimaan ympäristöstään. Yle Lahti. (click here for Finnish version; click here for English translation)

O’Brien, T. (6 March 2019). Should rights of Newfoundland and Labrador sealers be protected by the United Nations? Interview with Dr Nikolas Sellheim. The Fisheries Broadcast. (click here)

Ollier, L. (2019). Dr Nikolas Sellheim on The Seal Hunt: Cultures, Economies and Legal Regimes. Polar Research and Policy Initiative. (click here).

Whiffen, G. (1 November 2016). ‘EU seal products ban unjust, researcher says’. Feature article. The Navigator, 19(11), November: 64–67.

High North News. (16 August 2016). Interview ‘EU seal ban reveals the Union’s double standards’. (click here)

Besser Nord als Nie. (16 December 2013). Interview. (click here)

The Fisheries Broadcast. (24 May 2013). Interview ‘The Newfoundland seal hunt through the eyes of a European student’. (click here)

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