Plan your project with comprehensive socio-environmental knowledge!

Risk assessment

Are you planning a project that affects the environment? We provide risk assessments by analysing stakeholder groups, their concerns and potential risks to your project.

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Are you uncertain concerning the legal requirements for your environmental project? We provide legal inventories for national and international, terrestrial and marine projects. 

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Conference services

Conferences play a major part in the exchange of knowledge and for decision-making. We provide professional planning of and reporting for your conferences.

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Are you in need of information concerning specific environmental issues or resource extraction? We provide socio-legal assessments that allow for integrated project planning.

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Do you wish for your employees or students to learn about legal and social issues regarding environmental projects, how stakeholders can be identified and interacted with and conflict be avoided? We provide workshops, seminars and courses on national and international environmental law. 

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Maps are oftentimes crucial for visualising geopolitical developments, extents or memberships. If you wish for maps for your articles, online posts or book, we offer affordable map-making services.

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The Conservation & Livelihoods Digest

Subscribe now for recent reports, analyses, stories, reviews, events related to the interface of conservation and livelihoods.

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