Risk assessments

Every project that interacts with the natural environment bears risks of legal, ecological and socio-economic nature. The creation of risk assessments is therefore a necessary step to protect projects prior to their launch from risks.

Our risk assessments identify legal and juridical hurdles, social tendencies or ecological components that could cause short- or long-term financial or reputational damage to the project or the body/organisation running the project. Projects that require an environmental impact assessment (EIA) and projects that don’t require an EIA based on European Union and German law will be considered. This means that also those projects that do not have a legal obligation for an EIA may face social opposition or legal hurdles and should therefore be scrutinised.

Through stakeholder and discourse analyses potential damages and resistances can be identified that could become an obstacle for the project / body or organisation running the project and that could bear the potential to bring the project to an end even before it starts. Using targeted legal and socio-economic analyses strategies can be developed to eliminate or control risks and to face them proactively. Possible alternatives, especially with respect to the locale, can be additionally developed. Our risk assessments are supported by GIS data.


Prior to launching the assessment, we offer a first free-of-charge meeting in order to achieve a broad overview of the project in question. Once an agreement on the risk assessment is reached, a feasibility study of the project, including possible risks (legal, ecological, socio-economic), stakeholders and interest groups is produced within three working days. The price for this feasibility study is 2.900€. Depending on the project, the agreement with the customer and the breadth of the study, a fixed price or an hourly compensation of 150€ is agreed upon. This is determined either already during the first meeting or after the feasibility study, following a checklist or a specification sheet that allows for an eradication of secondary elements of the project.

If you wish to learn more about our Risk Assessments, please get in touch.

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