Plenary at CoP19 makes final decisions on 52 proposals

Plenary at CoP19 makes final decisions on 52 proposals

The plenary of the 19th CITES Conference of the Parties just concluded its final decision on 52 proposals to amend the Appendices. All in all, 44 proposals were adopted, 6 were rejected, 1 was withdrawn while 1 was obsolete because the species was included in one of the proposals that was accepted. This means that 85% of the proposals were accepted, 12% were rejected, 2% were withdrawn and obsolete.

Six species/populations were downlisted from Appendix I to Appendix II while one was removed from Appendix II. Five species/populations were uplisted from Appendix II to Appendix I. Two additional proposals aimed to uplist species to Appendix I, but in light of an amended annotation they remained in Appendix II. 26 proposals were adopted that included species/families in Appendix II while two proposals have included a species in Appendix I. Two proposals aiming at the split-listing of species (including populations in both Appendix I and Appendix II) were adopted. Two proposals to amend existing annotations were furthermore adopted.

In Committee I, the majority of the proposals (36 = 71%) was decided upon by consensus while 15 (=29%) were decided upon by vote. Of these, one final vote (on Proposal 37) was done by secret ballot. The Plenary took two votes on Proposal 1 and Proposal 4. A breakdown of the different proposals will be provided in the December issue of The Conservation & Livelihoods Digest.

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